Products and Services

High-quality products and individual solutions:

Many of our customers have individual wishes, which we can fulfill due to our large machinery and many years of know-how. Our focus is on small and medium series as well as custom-made products. Documented tests such as UT, MT, grinding burn test (nitrate etchings), Barkhausen noise and runout are just as much part of our service as balancing and assembly. For many years we cooperate in the development of new manufacturing processes with various German universities.

As a rule, we produce according to customer drawings. We also competently advise our customers on gear design. State-of-the-art measuring technology guarantees compliance with the tightest tolerances up to quality 4 according to DIN. We manufacture components for simple applications up to highly complex turbo gears with a few μm tolerances.

We manufacture with machine tools from leading manufacturers such as DMG-MORI, Niles, Pittler, Liebherr, Reform, Buderus, Höfler, Klingelnberg, Gleason Pfauter and Samputensili to meet the growing technical requirements and quality standards. Profile and flank modifications are just as natural for us as straight, helical or double helical gears up to quality 4 according to DIN.

The production process of gears and geared shafts: